Ts’eliseha Funeral Plan is a product offered to permanent Lesotho residents that provides cover for the policy owner, their immediate family, parents, and parents-in-law as well as up to 9 extended family members.

Ts’eliseha has two plans to choose from depending on your needs: the Essential Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.  You can choose to include the death paid-up benefit option on the Essential Plan at an extra cost, but the Comprehensive Plan has the option already built in..

Benefits on Tseliseha Plans Comprehensive and Essential

Essential Plan
Comprehensive Plan
Cashback 20% of premium after 2 years
Paid up (Death, retirement and Disability)
Stand alone
Accident Benefit (Double Payment)
Waiting Period (One months on groups Scheme and six Month on other Product)
Income Benefit for six months

Our Promise

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