Risk Solutions

Group Life Assurance

Group life assurance (GLA) is a benefit that pays out a lump sum in the event of your employee passing. In the event of death, the beneficiaries of the employee will get the death benefit which is a multiple of a member’s annual salary. This multiple is predetermined by the employer based on the needs and affordability. GLA cover ends at retirement age or when an employee is no longer an eligible member.

Income Continuation Benefit

Income Continuation Benefit (ICB) provides a monthly income for your employees who are not able to work due to disability. Through ICB, employees are given an assurance that their income is protected in the event of disability. Metropolitan Lesotho will pay up to 75% of employee’s monthly salary. This benefit enables you to easily your companies human resource for temporary or permanent replacements where your employees are disabled and unable to work. ICB ends at recovery, death or retirement.

Capital Disability Benefit

Capital Disability Benefit (CDB) is a benefit that pays out a lump-sum in the event that your employee becomes disabled to a level that he/she is not able to continue with his work duties. This benefit enables the employees to make necessary adjustments for the new living conditions brought about by disability.

Dread Disease Cover

This benefit pays out a lump-sum to a member in the event that an employee suffers from a severe illness. A severe illness is an illness that affects a person’s lifestyle in such a way that their ability to function normally is altered. The benefit is a pre-determined multiple of employee’s annual salary. Due to severe illness, employee could be faced with hefty medical costs and Dread Disease Cover enables employees to pay for such costs.

Funeral Cover

The funeral covers offered by Metropolitan Lesotho vary from Umbrella benefits to individual employer policies. These solutions cover the nuclear family if taken within the Umbrella and may incorporate extended family members as stand-alone policies. The benefits vary from a benefit of M10,000 to M50,000

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