Investment Solutions

Metropolitan Lesotho has a range of investment portfolios suitable for different risk appetites.

The Metropolitan Lesotho Smooth Growth Fund

This portfolio offers you minimum exposure to risk while also ensuring you get real returns in the long term. You will receive capital protection with guarantees on withdrawals depending on funding levels.

The Metropolitan Lesotho Global Managed Fund

For employers with a appetite for greater gains, the Global Managed Fund offers exposure to higher market linked returns. The fund invests both locally and off-shore, positioning you as a global investor.

Life Stage Modelling  

A wise investor will always advise you to take up less exposure to risk as your retirement age approaches. Our Life Stage Modelling  is designed with this in mind and follows globally accepted best practice for wisely investing retirement savings.

For more information speak to one of our astute fund managers on           22222 100 and make investments that count.