Retirement Solutions

Metropolitan Lesotho is ideally positioned and qualified to administer your private funds, stand-alone and umbrella funds tailored  for the provision of  your employees retirement.

Pension Fund

This  retirement solution  provides employees with consistent monthly income after retirement. With a pension fund, employees can take out one-third of the benefit value as a lump-sum when they retire, while the remaining two-thirds an annuity to ensure sustainability in retirement.

Provident Fund

Under this arrangement, the employer seeks to replace the employees’ income after retirement through joint contributions from the employer and the employee. Under this arrangement the employee is entitled to get all their savings in cash.

Preservation Fund

The Metropolitan Lesotho Preservation Fund is an excellent vehicle to invest your retirement benefits resulting in good growth  and savings for the future. Pay outs are made when you decide to take up a new career opportunity with a new employer and you want to retain your benefits.

The fund is a exclusive toMetropolitan Lesotho without administration fees and entirely sponsored by Metropolitan Lesotho.

For more information on our Retirement Solutions call on us 2222 100 and make retirement a destination of choice