50 years of financial wellness

A life long partner for All Basotho

“We are not just numbers, you and I.

A one-in-five statistic, or random beautiful face on a billboard.

We are real people with real dreams and aspirations, Like a brighter future for ourselves and the people we care about.

 We also have very real challenges and frustrations, obstacles to overcome on our journey. Yet we stand proud and want to be seen for who we really are. What we believe in, and what matters. We share a common goal to be in control of our financial wellness.

We draw inspiration, motivation and understanding from each other. We have for a very long time.

At Metropolitan we learn from walking next to you through your life, from understanding your joys, your pain, your dreams, your realities and through it all, celebrating you, your families and community’s life is the heart of why we exist. 

For 50 years Basotho have embraced us and made us a part of their lives. We thank everyone who has made Metropolitan what it is and we promise that we are committed to be there for many more years to come

We believe that our expertise combined with your ingenuity and need will allow us to provide you with the skills and tools to  your path to financial wellness.

Make us your financial mentor

Together we can.”  

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